From a talk at Alexandra Palace

Chris has an unsurpassed record of achievement in the Squibs Championships, with son Mark crewing, they won six years on the trot 2001-6, again in 2009 and 2011.

Given the opportunity to revise this in 2012, he said “still using the same settings on Ric O'Shea (sorry to be boring)”.  

Chris says that these settings are suitable for Batt sails but he thinks they may be wrong for Hyde sails.

  • Mast rake - Set underside of boom 400mm off the aft deck when sheeted hard. Forestay set to suit this.
  • Cap shrouds - With one fixed, the opposite one needs a little backstay to locate pin (hand tight.)
  • Lower shrouds - Set these up in a force 2 (crew on same side) so as to achieve a straight mast.
  • Backstay - N/A
  • Mast foot - Measurement from nearside of mainsheet traveller to rear pin (measured direct) = 1815mm
  • Jib barbers - Light airs, centreline to bearing surface = 245mm, Force 2-4, centreline to bearing surface = 328mm, Force 5-6, centreline to deck exit = 240mm
  • Outhaul - Beating, tight to black band, reaching, off 50mm
  • Cunningham - Windy conditions on tight
  • Rig tension - Crew on same side hand tight, crew sat opposite, pull on 20mm tighter