Irish Squib Forum

The Irish Squib Forum Chairman is Peter Wallace - and the NSOA rep is Vincent Delany - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Irish Squib Forum was the brainchild of Fred Campbell 148 Halloween RNIYC who broached it with Derek Jago RSGYC, Gillian Guinness HYC, Emmet Dalton HYC, Wendy Goodbody RSGYC and Jill Fleming RSGYC during the 2005 Northern Championship in RNIYC.  The inaugural meeting was held at the Irish Nationals at HYC later that summer.  Fred, as the first chairman, and Gillian wrote the constitution.  The Forum Committee comprises a Chairman, NSOA representative, Treasurer and a representative from each of the Irish fleets.

Historically, the Irish fleets had little or no contact with the NSOA and felt out of touch.  Each club held Open events that were poorly supported by other fleets and the number of fleets was growing.  The Forum co-ordinates events throughout Ireland, ensures the ISA medals are available and engraved for the Irish Nationals, proposes a representative for the All Ireland Helmsman Championship, selects the venue for the UK and Ireland Nationals (held every 5th year in Ireland) and sends a representative to the NSOA General Committee meetings to maintain contact with the NSOA and report back.  Each fleet contributes to the Forum according to their number of boats.

The conduit for communication to the Irish fleets is through the Forum; either the Chairman or Forum rep.  Each fleet representative is contacted and they, in turn, contact their fleet members.  This supports the EU directive on communications and personal data protection.  The aim is to keep everyone, who sails Squibs in Ireland, informed of local and NSOA happenings and develop the bond of friendship and co-operation between the fleets.  The AGM is held each year at the Irish Nationals.  Any other business is conducted via email.