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We welcome all people interested in the Squib Class to join the National Squib Owners Association. The NSOA promotes the Squib class and works to maintain its status as a much admired and successful keelboat sailed that is raced mostly in England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland as well as elsewhere in the world.

We work with the RYA in the best interests of Squibs. Much unsung effort and many hours are contributed by the NSOA Officers and Committee for the benefit of all who sail Squibs. Please reward their efforts by joining the Association.

Two levels of NSOA membership are available– Full Membership  and AssociateMembership.

At least one of a Squib’s owners should be a full member of the NSOA.

Associate membership is for those interested in the Squib Class, non-owners who sail regularly and people who wish to helm at a specified championship event.

Full members benefit from access to the members’ area of the website, entitlement to vote at General Meetings of the class and the right to helm at any event.

Co-owners are encouraged to each take up full membership in order to receive these benefits. Full or Associate membership is required to access the members’ website portal and/or helm at some at specified championship events.

The sub for Full Members is £35.00 / €40.00 and for Associate Members is £30.00 / €34.00


The Constitution of the NSOA can be found here

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