Peninsular Sailing Club

PSC has come a long way from a start six years ago and we continue to develop .

We sail  every Sunday for  12 months, hot and wet or just hot. Wind usually 5-12 knots, we  often introduce newcomers to sailing as a third person on a Squib, safe and fun.

As a start line we use the last set of our  marina pillars, all boats carry VHF radios and time is called by race officer usually on one of the participating boats, finish on the same line and competitors advise finishing .

Wind is  almost always from the west, i.e. from sea into the river, upwind start, run or broad reach back to the club line directly in front of the club house. Boats carry outboard engines as a safety feature and for docking in our open marina.

Post-racing beer in our club room , cafeteria operated by one member can be opened for example for the Championships.

Our location has  wild life….monkeys (lots) large monitor lizard living under the pontoons,  a visiting colony of otters, an  anaconda (9ft python) believed deceased after sleeping off its dinner of cat, and occasional dolphin due to our clean water

Ours is a club of 40 plus friendly committed sailors on a clean stretch of water and we continue to get membership applications, we have 10 Optimists and 8 Laser 2’s , as well as the 14 Squibs and some offshore racers.

For the juniors we have a separate air-conned room in a 40 ft container with a covered roof deck. There is currently little to no family sailing in Malaysia but we are working hard to change this.

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Peninsular Sailing Club

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