Haven Ports Yacht Club

The Haven Ports Yacht Club Squib fleet sails on the River Orwell in Suffolk from Levington Marina, where we have the luxury of pontoon berths. Historically known as an exceptionally sociable fleet, things have become increasingly competitive over the last few years. As other Levington-based racing fleets dwindled, many owners changed to Squibs and the standard of sailing has risen as a result.

We have some 20 Squibs afloat and in the more popular series it is common to have over 10 boats racing. Race wins are spread around the fleet with our river courses meaning you have to go the right way as well as being fast! There is good competition throughout the fleet with always someone to race against.

Our main series are on Sunday mornings followed by beer and food on the LV87 Lightship which is our clubhouse. Evening racing is on Wednesdays and Fridays through the summer too.

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Haven Ports Yacht Club

Contact: Mike Taylor