This was, my first year as Burnham Squib Class Captain, taking over from Alex Porteous. The Sailing Calendar was jam packed as ever, we Celebrated the 150th year of the Royal Corinthian Yacht Club and hosted the 2022 Squib East Coast Championships.

The Season was warm and blessed with sunshine, it could not have been better. Squibbers were keen to get back on the water, after a frustrating period of Covid interrupted sailing. The Gold Cup was very well attended, with a total of 33 Squibs, (9 visitors). It was a fabulous to see so many Squibs on the river. I’m sure Oliver Lee (the designer of the squib) was looking down on us with a smile!  Unfortunately, we could only hold 3 races, due to lack of wind. Congratulations go to Jonno Brown and Chris Aggar for winning the event, by a slender 1 point, to Micky wright and Alex porteous.

Next big event was, the 2022 East Coast Championships, another good turnout with 30 Boats (8 visitors). It was another light wind affair, with plenty of sunshine. We managed to hold 4 races. special thanks go to the Mighty Oak, for Sponsoring the event and providing free Beer at the welcome drinks party. Thanks also go to all the business that donated gifts for our Raffle, a total of £500 was raised and that will be put towards the refurbishment/upkeep of the club Squib “Woody”. This event was won by Jono Brown and Chris Aggar, who won by comfortable 8 Points. Well done!

The 2022 Squib Nationals were held in Kinsale 8 Burnham Squibs travelled to Ireland. I gather that a good time was had by all. I am pleased to say that our Burnham Squibs excelled 3 Burnham Squibs in the top 5, excellent!  2nd Jono and Chris, 3rd Micky and Alex, 5th Malcy and Andy.

Burnham Week 2022 was a fabulous classic week, total of 30 entries, 9 more than the previous year. It was a week full of glorious sunshine with the Wednesday turning out to be a well needed lay day! We can’t thank our hosts enough for entertaining us at their homes. It was great to see so many young people sailing in our class club boat Woody, which was chartered by the Corinthian Otters. Along with two other Squibs that were also helmed by Otters.

Taking over the Mantle of class Captain, has been fun and I look forward to, continuing next year! There is a lot to look forward too – including the nationals that are being held in Weymouth.

My aim is to encourage more people to join the fleet and so far, I can already confirm that we have 2 new boats waiting in the wings to join in the fun next year – I am sure there will be more! As we know the Squib is fun, affordable, and very competitive and originates from Burnham what more could we ask for!

Dan Wastnage

Burnham Squibs