Last weekend saw another round of early season activity with the now-traditional, if somewhat exclusive Alchemy Invitational Squib Weekend on Rutland Water.

With its ultra-low entry limit of 10, ranging from all quarters of the UK including Bridlington, North Wales, Plymouth and Suffolk, this informal weekend of multiple practice starts and short -course racing was a great opportunity for some serious practice and some equally serious socialising. Winter cobwebs definitely blown away.

When the spray subsided and the dust settled the winner by a good margin was Ric’o’Shea, with Mark Jeffcoate and Mark Hogan in command as usual. They were well ahead of the pack on points with Winkles Retreat and Dream On making the most of some close racing in excellent conditions to fill the other two podium places.

Gerard Dyson thanked Rutland Saling Club, and Mike Barsby in partiicular, for making the weekend possible.